Geographically Targeted Advertising

As a Roblox Developer, it is currently impossible to specifically target a foreign demographic.

One solution to this issue would be to expand the existing advertisement system so that users can either advertise globally, or target advertisements at specific geographical locations.

Roblox is now on a huge push towards globalisation of the platform, with Localisation being vastly encouraged; however, at this stage there are very few benefits to doing so and it is a lot of work.
By introducing targeted geographical advertising, this issue could be minimized; with developers able to target their recently localised markets individually and thus develop specific player-bases with these audiences. It would add a lot more incentive and reasoning for localisation.

An example of the usefulness of this kind of advertising is, for instance, if I had just localised my game to Spanish- right now there is no real effective way of me getting word of my game directly out to the Spanish Roblox Community; with directed advertising not only would I be able to effectively do this and let them know my game is now available in Spanish, but I’d also be able to tailor these advertisements to my Spanish market- using Spanish language in the advertising materials too.

Another example of the usefulness of this kind of advertising is that from what I’ve noticed, games are more popular in some countries than others- sometimes by quite a long way. This is generally due to Youtubers from certain countries or languages actively playing the game. Being able to target advertisements at the countries you know you have big player bases in would be extremely useful.

This would be a huge step forward, and would really enable developers to reach out to international communities effectively.

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Im going to bump this, since I feel, especially now a feature like this could provide huge levels of growth for roblox. - although I would like to slightly fork the request to being able to target based off user language preference in comparison to geographical regions.

I don’t really see the downside of allowing us to target sponsors and advertisements to specific languages since not only does it provide an incentive to localise (since it would be easier to break into a smaller foreign market) but it would also (I imagine at least) drive huge growth for roblox as a platform in non-english speaking regions.


I think it’s fair to say a large portion of players discover games through the ads and sponsors they see on the website or in app. If the user is being advertised games specifically designed for them to be able to comprehend it will result in them having a more enjoyable experience on the roblox platform as a whole.