Targeted Advertising through friends and followers

As a Roblox dev, it’s currently impossible to target your game’s advertisements towards your friends / people with similar interests (or specific audiences in general).

As a Roblox user, it is currently hard to find ads that you are actually interested in and enjoy seeing.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my dev experience as trafic from players who are already interested in my game’s genre would be substantially larger.

Thousands of random people see your Roblox ads.
I don’t know the exact technicals of how this “pooling” would be done, but it would be nice to show my ads to people who are closer to the various niches I’m apart of before showing everyone else. Maybe even show ads to the people close to players who already play my game?

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I’m making a new post on this is because those posts are like 6 years old and this suggestion is not quite the same as any of those.

Potential benefits:

  • Easier to grow game’s fan-base
  • Easier to find cool games
  • Better engagement
  • Lowers amount of players who quit Roblox
  • Better bond between developers and players


The best games I’ve discovered are through the “Friends Playing” section.

Why not have something similar with ads?