German Trenchworks Feedback


I’ve started working on a new WW1 themed project, focusing on German trenches. I have a post on my previous attempt here. In my previous build, I used an asset system to speed up the building process, but this system made it hard to make good-looking trenches. Basically, I’ve switched to using terrain, and then building the trench walls around that.

I would like some feedback on this portion of the trench so I can see what I should improve on and avoid for the rest of the build.





Not bad, but you missed some details like

broken sand bags
fallen guns
barbed wire
dust effects

try to improve the build for a realistic effect

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That’s a huge improvement from your first attempt. Great job!

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Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll be sure to add some rifles and barbed wire when I get back to workin’.

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Here’s a short update to what I’ve completed since I first posted.

Completed Screenshots

I’m quite proud of the work that I’ve gotten done. It is still in an unfinished state (lack of details, etc), but I think it’s still the best build that I have made yet.


That improved soo much! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

(my very first comment btw)

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Dude, its kinda realistic. It have lots detail u know, and btw its nice. Keep up the great work!

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