Get a users blocked users

Is there possibly another endpoint other than ?
Any functions would also help;

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Surprisingly, you can. I thought this would be a privacy concern, but it appears there is built in functionality to do this.

StarterGui::GetCore has a “GetBlockedUserIds” option.

local BlockedUserIds = game:GetService("StarterGui"):GetCore("GetBlockedUserIds")

There is also “PlayerBlockedEvent” and “PlayerUnblockedEvent” which you can listen on for in the situation a player unblocks or blocks a player during runtime.


I didn’t actually realise this existed, thankyou kind stranger! I tought it would’ve been in a different service (e.g. FriendService)

Yes! FriendService or a direct method of Player makes more sense than StarterGui…

I found the answer by looking at a thread posted by @BenSBk. I just opened his code and looked around to see how it works. Thanks Ben!

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The problem now is when I do it, I do it so quickly it isn’t even registered yet.
Edit: fixed it by making it yield