Get a user's role from a Discord server from in-game?

I’m assuming some sort of verification or fork of RoVer or similar services would be required for this.

Is it possible to get a user’s roles in a Discord server from in-game via HttpService? I heard that it wasn’t due to OAuth complications, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen other games and services do it.

Would a middleman service like Trello or a web app be required?

Thanks for any help in advance.


Short answer, yes; you’ll need a web server to act as a middle-man. Here’s the general structure you’d need to set up:


You’ll need to have the web server use the Roblox UserId to get the Discord User Id using the public RoVer API, which you then use to find the member in your Discord and get their roles. The roles array/table is then returned as the response of the request. You print receive response on Roblox and you now have their roles.

The catch here is that the user needs to be verified with RoVer, if they are not, you will not know their Discord Id and can’t proceed further in the steps.*

If you’d like to use Node.js, you can use express, paired with RequestAsync.


Please take note that you have to request for an API key to be able to use RoVer’s Roblox ID to Discord ID endpoint. More information is on this is on the page H_mzah linked.