Returning discord roles?


I couple of days ago i made the same type of post, and i got some helpful responses. The problem is, i’m not good with JavaScript or Python, or any other language outside LUAU. I searched everywhere for help, but i think there’s just no other way to do it than this method.

Are there any tutorials or posts i could use?

Thanks for helping!

One hacky solution I could think of is sending requests directly to discord as an authenticated user (eg. a bot account) to fetch the roles of a user, do not try this with a personal discord account as you will get banned.

I have never made a discord bot myself so I am not sure as to what permissions these bot tokens have or can be granted but these would be the way to go.

Try Discordia as your language it let’s you write bots in lua

Discordia Wiki

I’ve started a few days ago with discordia and a bot is the only way for 2 way automated communication between roblox and discord that is not against TOS

I haven’t done https requests for Discordia yet but I’ll think you’ll find it out once you cover the basics

But if you want a stable bot I suggest using js because its a lot wider of a library and heavily supported

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