Get featured on Roblox: Entertainment Edition

[Update] November 3, 2023

Hello Creators!

As you know, we’ve developed our Submissions Program to showcase the breadth of what’s possible on Roblox through the eyes of our community. Our goal is to spotlight unique creators on our social channels, Dev Forum posts, hype reels, and more.

Today, we’re calling for submissions that fit into the theme of entertainment, such as Trolls for Livetopia, Saw, Open Mic Night or Barbie’s Dream House. We want to see the most innovative, creative experiences and marketplace items that promote talent, media, movies, and books or relate to sports, art, and music!

Submission Criteria

Featured content will focus on creations that reimagine the way people come together through deeper forms of expression, communication, and immersion.

This includes:

  • Innovative Avatar Marketplace item
  • New and engaging experiences
  • Experiences with substantial updates
  • New and exciting trends
  • Stories of creation and innovation

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be over the age of 13
  • Follow Roblox Terms of Use
  • Follow Roblox Community Standards
  • Represent the Experience Guideline rating
  • Have the rights to use the IP you are submitting

Ready to submit your work? Apply here today!

What’s next

Once submitted, our team will review your application. If you fit the criteria you’ll receive an email from Roblox on next steps. Due to the volume of applications, we are only able to respond to those who’ve been accepted.


Please visit Getting Featured on Roblox Channels for more information. We also have an FAQ for you to check out if you have any questions.

We can’t wait to see what you have to share!

Thank you.


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It’s nice to see opportunities to have ourselves promote our items or experiences.


very good roblox W, giving the community a platform to be shown off to the world but also a place for roblox to use these games for marketing


While this is a cool thing, I don’t want to get a lot of death threats for my crappy game :sob:

Just kidding, I make games and I am hoping to see them in games that aren’t mine, but does it require ID Verification?


This is really awesome lol :+1:


Am I missing something? Those examples seem like they would be under copyright protection.


If I create an item or game, will I be subject for copyright infringement for trying to sponsor that media?


As said in the OP

If you reach out to the owners of the IP and get a license to use their IP, then that is not infringement and is allowed.


I will submit the game I worked on but it’s. Not complete we in beta in December and will update the game can I submit that game now or sall I wait for the beta release


Best of luck to you and everyone!


Yes, you need to have the rights before submitting - but those are also just examples. Anything that entertains someone - we want to see what’s out there. Stand up comedy experiences, movie theater tycoons - what else?


You can submit now and we can use it next year or beyond, maybe it fits into another theme! Whatever is it we’d love to see it!


Submissions for the Entertainment Edition are now closed and being reviewed. Thank you so much for taking the time to apply! If you fit the criteria, you’ll receive an email from Roblox on next steps.


Just read this part of the requirements