Get featured on Roblox!

Hello Creators!

We are excited to share a new initiative that allows you, the creators, to be featured on many Roblox-related channels such as our social media, future Dev Forum posts, hype reels, and more. Our goal is to spotlight unique developers, and creator stories similar to A Roblox Story.

We want to see what you build from your imagination, showcasing the breadth of what’s possible on Roblox through the eyes of our community.

We’re looking for examples that highlight the breadth of connection and communication happening on Roblox, and invite you to share unique stories of how Roblox positively impacts your life.

Submitting your work

Featured content will focus on creations that reimagine the way people come together through deeper forms of expression, communication, and immersion.

This includes:

  • Innovative Avatar Marketplace items.
  • New and engaging experiences.
  • Experiences with substantial updates.
  • New and exciting trends.
  • Stories of creation and innovation.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be over the age of 13.
  • Follow Roblox Terms of Service.
  • Follow Roblox Community Guidelines.
  • Represent the Experience Guideline rating.

Ready to submit your work? Apply here today!

What’s next

Once submitted, it will get reviewed by our team at Roblox. Should you be selected for featuring, you will get a message from Roblox.


Please visit Getting Featured on Roblox Channels for more information. We also have an FAQ for you to check out if you have any questions.

We can’t wait to see what you have to share!

Thank you.


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This is very intriguing, is there an idea of what the standards of acceptance would be like?


Is there any cut-off date for submissions or will this be on-going program long into the future?


If I want to be in it I need to submit the thing right?


I think that makes sense if you have to apply?


This will be an ongoing submission process; so feel free to submit whenever you have experience updates, new virtual items, or a new story to tell. Also, when we are looking for specific content around seasons and themes we will send out an update!


This form is showing to be problematic for me, attempting to exceed the word count for a “story” causes all formatting to be lost (break lines are removed and the response is truncated without any warning - this makes me think that break lines may not be kept on submission leading to sloppy formatting) Furthermore, some non-words are counted as words (sometimes break lines are counted as words when they clearly should not, however this can not be 100% reproduced). The word-limit is also not very clear on whether it is a maximum or minimum amount of words (it is a maximum but that’s not stated anywhere and can only be figured out via trial and error). Also, the group field is set as “required”

Other than that, this looks very promising and I am hoping to submit my “story” under the story category (it is most certainly not the average developer’s story, as I test more than I develop! :sweat_smile:)


I have filled out and successfully applied to be featured. I am excited about the further steps and wish good luck to other developers too!


I’m afraid this is another marketing campaign to make it look like Roblox “cares” while they still refuse to address the concerns and feedback of developers.


Does this imply that accepted creators will be a part of a group that regularly gets featured?

I sure love when Roblox shines a spotlight on a handful of developers to look like a virtuous company.



I’ve applied for the community story segment! It covers how Roblox has heavily changed my life and given me the opportunity to have the successes that I have today.


Hopefully I get accepted (probably not)

Discovering Roblox in 2010 single handedly got me into programming and computers, before then I only had a mild interest in computers but since discovering Roblox, I think computers and programming have been a major hobby of my life since then


My assumption is that there is no denial email since I applied over 14 days-ago yet received no email, so I’m assuming my story was denied yet I was not notified of such.


It seems that I also got declined once submitting my story too…

I honestly must say that with a limited length to talk about our stories, it makes it harder to express ourselves and everything we have been discovering being linked with Roblox. It is likely that lucky ones are going to be accepted by now, yet, generally, I think it is unfair if reflecting deeply.


@Helloitskatebrown When can we expect to receive a denial email? I applied 20 days ago and haven’t heard anything back.


they just wont email you if you were denied

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If so, this was communicated very poorly- The original announcement implies that they’d email everyone, even if those were denied, which is un-true since I have yet to receive any response.


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