[GET PAID FOR TESTING] RoVolution Beta Program

About RoVolution!

RoVolution is a Discord bot aimed at large groups wanting to connect their Discord guild with their ROBLOX community. Currently, it has lighting fast command responses and many of the features of its competitors (RoVer/Bloxlink). However, our team is looking to expand into a guild manager with many additional features.

Great, Why Do I Care?

Well, RoVolution is still in its beta program, meaning your suggestions will be looked at and even implemented into the bot’s design. Just by using the bot in a preapproved beta guild, you can get paid by verified users, bugs you find, and suggestions you make.

What Is Already Planned?

  • A points system, in which your group’s officers can award points to low ranks. These points will automatically rank users up in your group. This will all have to be set up by you, of course.

  • Your suggestions!

How Much Can I Make?

It depends on your Discord guild size, the number of bugs you find, the activity of your group, etc.

How Can I Get Paid?

Contact me for payment details.

Contact Information!



Is the points thing the only difference to RoVer?

We have a Discord server of 8,302 members at time of writing and I’d rather not disrupt everything if that’s the only difference.

We probably wouldn’t use the points you mention as our group ranks work via trainings and we have our own bot that takes the results from a Google Sheets workbook to rank our members. So if that’s the only feature then we probably wouldn’t get much out of it.

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The thing is, we are in a very early stage of release. Any features that our beta members bring to us will be strongly considered and probably placed into effect.

I think you’re coming at it from the wrong angle. You should have a USP that makes your bot better than the other bots first, and design it around that USP, rather than make the same bot and then ask your testers to give you a USP to add later.

Depending on the payment I’d be willing to talk about adding it to our guild on a temporary basis, but the payment would need to be worth swapping over all the bindings and commands and stuff.

Also do you do self-hosted or does every RoVolution bot have to be hosted by yourselves? We prefer self-hosted RoVer and ideally any other bot we’d use would be self-hosted too.

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It would be an alternative option to it. Again, I am still taking in suggestions for this bot.

Self-hosted will be an option when the beta is over.

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If you add me on Discord, I would be happy to discuss. I am willing to supply you with a premium subscription to the bot so you can run your own thread of it (with its own bot account).

This all seems kinda weird, but I vibe with it, I’ll contact.

Mind, that isn’t the kind of language you should be using on the DevForum or ROBLOX in general, especially if you’re looking to find collaborators. Remember, this section is publicly visible!

You should refer to the rules of the developer forums here. Remember, be polite!


Good to see that you are making a ClanLabs like bot but free I assume.

EDIT: I can’t add you for some reason, add me on Sumaco#3777

Part of the idea, not all of it though. [quote=“Sumaco, post:16, topic:385553, full:true”]
Good to see that you are making a ClanLabs like bot but free I assume.

accept me on discord

30 character aaaa

My bad, kind sir. I just didn’t want this thread to be trashed.

To stifle the amount of requests I’m getting, let me reiterate:
if you are looking for compensation, you will need to meet the 150 member guild requirement, otherwise there is a public version of the bot


I think this is more of a post for #collaboration:recruitment, you’re recruiting members for the beta program.

Got it. I’ll change it tomorrow.

Moved. Thank you for the suggestion.

Server slots are now limited. 16/20 avalible.

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