Get players Roblox account description

So the title explains it all is there any endpoint that returns users account description from username?


There is no API to get a user’s account description from a username as far as I am aware. You could use some external source and try to extract the information from the web page, but I’m not really sure if this would be easy.

Here’s a list of the API’s.


If that isn’t possible then is there an API that returns UserId from username?

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I assume this is what you want.

I don’t want this for my ROBLOX game.

This documentation here has all the endpoints:

I can’t see anything, but if you can spot something I can’t, let me know.

Absolutely. Here is the main API for that:

(it’s the second one in the list)

In PHP, you can send a cURL request to the user’s profile ( and scrape their blurb. However, I’d definitely recommend learning Node.js

Have a look at this article:

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I have made my own API for getting Blurbs, jsut via endpoint, I will send you it via DM


I do know node.js as well but I chose php for this project.

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The library used in the linked article is one I used in a college project that scraped web pages for product allergy information. It’s excellent, but in hindsight, I wish I’d used Node, rather than PHP for the app

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I usually use Node wen I want to make my own endpoints.

If you’re really leaning toward scraping the website, try this:

(I realise it’s Node.js, but I can’t find any alternatives. Maybe use the algorithm and change it to PHP?)

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Ok, I’ve done some simple digging around, and I have some information for you that will hopefully help you in your web scraping efforts.

  • The CSS class for the bio is ”profile-about-content-text linkify” The profile is a span element. I can’t find anything else on the page with those exact criteria. Maybe search for that to get the text?

  • A bulky amount of the page source is JavaScript, which is useless to us. You can remove the entire head section of the page, and all script tags.

  • The page uses Angular, so you’re going to come across a load of ”ng-???” stuff here and there.

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Don’t copy and paste this – it’s been several years since I’ve used PHP, but you’d probably be looking along the lines of this:


$userId = $_GET['userId'];
$code = 'HELLO_WORLD';

$html = file_get_html('$userId/profile');

$blurb = $html->find('span.profile-about-content-text')->innertext;

echo (strpos($blurb, $code) !== false) ? 'Code found!' : 'Please add $code to your profile!';

With my PHP knowledge and with your code I think I can do it I appreciate the help.

I will update you.

I wasn’t doing this in Roblox.

Hello @hmmbilly

Are you able to send me it via DM?

  1. This is a really old topic
  2. The user is suspended
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In case anyone is still wondering on how to do this, you can use the following endpoint to fetch information about the profile:{userid}

In order to get the ID from the username, request to this endpoint:{username}

Replace both the {userid} and the {username} fields by their user id and username respectively.

Hope this helps!

Note: You can also check out for more endpoints in case you need them

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