Get your game on the nice list - the Winter Sort!

Why do I find this funny, It’s better that way :smiley:


What time will the games go on the winter sort? For me it’s 10:21am on the 17th.


note they are in california and it’s only 6 they probably not even at work yet Lel


The old Halloween one went live at around 3am California time so it is a little odd that it’s not out yet, maybe they’re waiting till noon or something.

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Yeah that’s weird. They should have specified a time on the post because when I woke up I thought it would already be out, but it isn’t.

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The winter sort is now live, and I’m sadly disappointed. I waited to see if there were any new small games, and I only counted one game that had under 100 players the minute the sort went live.

With all due respect some games do not meet the criteria, some games weren’t even updated until the sort was live which leads me to believe some developers may have been told beforehand/expected to update on the 17th. The application specifically said to have content in on the 16th

Me and my co-developer spent months planning the winter update, spending weeks decking out every map in our game, making our lobby festive and introduced a whole new “daily present” mechanic into our game and it just simply angers me that games that received either no update at all or had very little updates qualified for the sort. However, these games did have something our game didn’t have, and that was that they were more popular than our game which only leads me to believe that small games are not considered, especially when only one game got added that barely had any players to begin with.

I hope you find my feedback useful and I hope you can see where I am coming from with my frustration. The Dev Relations team has full control over which games get on the sort and I respect that. However, when you put games on the sort that haven’t met the criteria that were specifically laid out in the application, It simply upsets me.


If anyone would like to check out our game and give us feedback that’d be greatly appreciated!


Wow! The sort is live and yet again, all already popular games were actually accepted. Only one game with under 100 players… Kinda seems like you guys just want to please the top developers who already have their games on the front page now. I mean (9) Doomspire Brickbattle - Roblox doesn’t even have a winter update, nor does (9) Vehicle Tycoon - Roblox Kind of making me wanna quit ROBLOX dev to be honest, seeing the lack of small developers making it, yet the amount of massive developers with their already successful and known about games which some lack any of the needed criteria.

Other games that don’t meet the REQUIRED criteria:
(9) Imposters! Bakon - Roblox
(9) Field Trip Z [NUKE ENDING☢️] - Roblox
(9) Freeze Tag💎 - Roblox
(9) Islands :zap: [Electricity!] - Roblox


The winter sort has just been released and sadly many developers are going to be disappointed. After scrolling through the featured games, I have seen no relatively “small” games only larger ones with larger player counts(About 2 games with under 100 players). I was anticipating an opportunity for many small games to get noticed but that has not yet happened. Hopefully next time a sort happens, Roblox will consider featuring smaller games.


I agree. We also spent 3 weeks planning our winter update. The map was covered with snow, we added fireworks and the buses were topped with snow. The main game was also made wintery, npc had a Christmas hat, snow everywhere. We even added a snow effect!

Yet it seems like this was just like the Halloween sort - the smallest game has only 48 concurrent players. And like the others have pointed out, some of the games have nothing that makes them wintery - which is extremely disappointing since loads of people have spent weeks, if not months trying to get into the winter sort. Roblox just isn’t supportive enough for smaller devs - I mean it’s not the first time - the Halloween sort’s games were mostly simulators with just a pumpkin in!


The devs who were chosen were not told they were on sort/ We are likely expected to release new winter themed content from the 17th onward if they haven’t aleady…

And regarding my game being listed in your post, I cant imagine how ‘FREEZE’ tag with its own winter city isnt a viable game to meet the ‘criteria’.

Dont be too hasty to lead a witch hunt, its almost christmas :rofl:

It may be nearly Christmas, a time for kindness. Is it really kindness promoting all ready popular games and not giving smaller developers any chance?


Lots of high quality/low concurrent player games… Even one with 22 players!

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I know, it’s quite upsetting. I don’t mind my game not getting in, I’m sure that it isn’t good enough, but still the effort others are putting in to try and qualify for some popularity over these already front page flooding games is unreal. It seems to me that ROBLOX is just trying to please those bigger developers instead of any smaller ones.


Roblox… I’m very disappointed. You didn’t listen to the developers concerns at all, and you lied to us:

Not only did you only put large games, but most weren’t appropriately themed.

Glad I didn’t apply, and I advise all other devs to not apply in the future so you don’t get let down when you don’t get accepted.


Over 100 isn’t really low concurrent players…

Sure everything is relative… I agree
But when it comes to high quality games with professional developers, we might consider 100 to be low

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Fair enough, but if I already had 100 concurrent players I’d feel content and quite excitable and leave it at that.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough for one of my games (Expedition Antarctica) to feature on the winter sort, thank you very much Roblox :+1:! Expedition Antarctica does fit the sort criteria pretty well I guess, so it didn’t come as a total surprise.


That is just terrible how Doomspire is even there.

Most of the games there I have indeed heard of which means Roblox hasn’t used really any small games. @koaffle this is wrong how your basically discriminating games based on their player size and adding non christmas games.


The survey specifically asked if your game would be releasing holiday content before the 17th. It also honestly doesn’t make sense to put these games on the front page in the winter sort when majority of them are already featured on it.

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