GetGroupsAsync should accept test player IDs

Currently, GetGroupsAsync errors if provided a test player’s UserId

Desired behavior:
GetGroupsAsync returns an empty table if provided a test player’s UserId because the test player isn’t in any groups. I had to hardcode this into my scripts which used GetGroupsAsync so they’d work in a test server with test players.


I wish studio had a optional test group, you could test group setup with.
So you don’t have to publish the game, to test it.
Just like Dev products.

I agree, this makes sense. Currently with methods like this we are quite inconsistent if we throw an error or not. For example, Player:IsFriendsWith() returns false for guests. But Player:GetFriendsOnline throws an error when called on guests.

We should only error for methods where an action is expected, such as AwardBadge. For methods like UserHasBadge, it should just return false for guests. I’ll fix it for this method, I don’t have time to fix this for everything but maybe some day.