GetGuiObjectsInCircle currently locked to CoreScripts

Currently, GetGuiObjectsInCircle is locked to CoreScripts. As a Roblox developer, it would be extremely beneficial to allow GetGuiObjectsInCircle to developers rather than only being accessible to CoreGui. I frequently use GetGuiObjectsAtPosition, so I wouldn’t see why or how someone would use the function maliciously. I do have a specific use case that GetGuiObjectsInCircle could solve without using other methods that may cost performance.

If there is no reasoning behind this lock, then I think it truly would be beneficial to allow developers to be able to use this function like GetGuiObjectsAtPosition, again I wouldn’t see how it would be used in malicious ways. It would do the job entirely for my needs, so unlocking the function for us to use would greatly benefit us all!

The documentation is located here, under Methods list: BasePlayerGui | Roblox Creator Documentation


I’m curious about what your use case is. I don’t see this being unlocked without a clear why you want it unlocked. There is the possibility what you want could benefit from a different solution.

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My specific use case is basically a GUI-based drawing eraser system that erases around colliding GUI objects, and since from what I can think of, the best approach to this is to iterate the canvas frame children and check if it’s collided with the mouse icon (basically ImageLabel with mouse move event), then re-parent if it does. This can take performance if it has over 5,000 children in a frame iterating with collision checks, lower with low-end devices. Therefore, I do think GetGuiObjectsInCircle can help benefit this as the best solution, especially when it comes to performance so hoping it gets unlocked.


I initially thought this was blocked because it targetted CoreGui instances as well, however, it clearly doesn’t so why the hell is it locked


been asking myself this for months… have no idea why it’s locked

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