:GetLocalPlayerTeleportData() returning nil after teleport

I have a LocalScript inside each player’s playergui and I am trying to make a private lobby system where a player can create a private lobby and have their friends join, but before the players get teleported the host can customize the server settings. Using the LocalScript the player can customize the server and once the host starts, the LocalScript will call a RemoteEvent in ReplicatedStorage, which will then fire a function in a server script inside of the workspace will get called. The function will then fire a ModuleScript(I copied and pasted the code straight off of the “Teleporting Between Places” Roblox dev website) where it teleports the players and the server settings to a reserved server. My problem is the players get teleported, but the server settings returns nil, I also get this error:

I have no idea what is wrong, I looked up the error and nothing comes up, can anyone help?

I looked up the error and found this What does "PlaceLaucher : Teleport failed because join script failed to load" mean? but hasn’t been solved too. They even said that they haven’t change their code but only recently got the error. (The thread was just opened 2 days ago)

Then, I looked up TeleportService | Roblox Creator Documentation and found out that this method can cause data to be tempered by exploiters.

So like, there might be two possibilities here. Either Roblox just recently got bad servers to handle teleportation data, or Roblox is just telling us to stop using this method to avoid spoofers. Also, it’s been a few days that my Roblox delayed before joining a game.

Edit: oh that was u

Yeah, I created that. I just thought that if I re-worded the question, I could get some other opinions. I honestly have no idea what’s wrong, the only thing that comes to mind is that it might be because I am in the Beta program, so I might have to look into it and leave.