:GetMarkerReachedSignal Event Stops firing at random in Servers

I have an animation system in my game which heavily relies on the firing of :GetMarkerReachedSignal events for the timing of abilities effects and damage etc…
All of the animations are run on the server side.
After a server is up for an arbitrary amount of time (it can happen after 2 hours or 20) SOME :GetMarkerReachedSignal events won’t work but some still do.
This is hard to reproduce because it happens at random and the events that break aren’t the same.

Expected behavior

I am instantiating a new event and disconnecting it after it is over.
In the function above it yields the thread until the event is fired. But once the event breaks it will yield forever.
This used to not happen with my same system until recently about a couple weeks ago.

It is strange how the events aren’t firing after even after making a new one. After one event breaks all of the events following it also break even though its a new event.


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


this happens in my game too and this can happen as soon as the server starts.


i agree it happens for me aswell since a long time, however i couldnt create a bug report about it since im new


this happens in my game too and this can happen anytime.


I would appreciate if this was marked urgent. This is severely impacting my game and its players. I am willing to provide anything necessary to expedite the fix because right now there is nothing else I can do.


I would love for this issue to be fixed ASAP because my game rely a lot of animation markers for visual effects.


is there any news on this? my game with 20K players is consistently getting bug reports of this and I just cannot do anything to solve the problem.


Hi, thanks for your bug report. Would you be able to help us by pinpointing with more precision when this behavior first surfaced ?

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Thanks for the feedback!
For the Devs in this thread, are your dropped events all server-side, or can they be client-side?
Also, does your world have streaming enabled?

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My game has streaming enabled turned on. All of my events are server sided so I can’t tell if it is a client sided issue as well.

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The earliest report of this happening was around may 7th based on my internal bug reports.


I don’t have streaming enabled on and all the dropped events are server-side

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I found out through bug reports that the earliest was around 3/18.
Although not confirmed it’s the same bug it also happened around 2/24

This is also happening in my game, an urgent fix would be nice

Please fix this; this issue was reported a long time ago and is still ongoing.

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This issue has been reported many times in the past and it has still not been resolved. Please fix this as soon as possible.

random animations are bound to be broken (not firing GetMarkerReachedSignal & KeyframeReached connection) upon the creation of random servers. This can cause game breaking bugs and needs to be fixed asap.

This issue is still happening, GetMarkerReachedSignal not firing randomly can cause massive issues in games considering developers like me rely on them heavily for timing. @NotARobloxEngineer @BloxMachina

Hi @JKVette, taking a look at this. Could you or someone in the thread please provide a .rbxl with a minimal reproducible example? Thanks

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