GetRankInGroup failed because HTTP 0

I’ve recently started getting this error that is breaking my group rank scripts, when I use pcall, my logs get spammed with the same error. The error breaks my group rank checking scripts. This started happening about 2 weeks ago. This only happens about 30% of the time and other players are having the same error, I am on PC Windows 10. HTTPService for the game is ON. Getting the player having the error to rejoin seems to fix it for them.

Before Pcall:

After Pcall:

The game having the error is:

Could it be that I’m exceeding some IsInGroup() limit?

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Open it in studio and look at the output window.

It doesn’t happen in studio, only in live game sometimes.

It’s actually an SSL connection failure, so that’s entirely Roblox’s fault in some way, nothing you can do to fix this. I would post a bug report about this.

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Ok thanks, I’ll post it later!

Since nobody has mentioned it yet, I just want to add that you could solve this problem by using pcall. That way, if the request fails you can plan accordingly.

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Do you know how I can use pcall with a :connect(function()

You can use pcall like this:

local data
local success, errMsg = pcall(function()
    data = someWebCallHere

success will be true if there were no errors. If success is false, errMsg will contain the error as a string. The function inside of the pcall can be anything, just make sure to store the result somewhere such as a variable (data). I recommend using this for any call to roblox, as there is no guarentee that each roblox service will always be up 100%.

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Reopened this thread because I started having same issues after using pcall.

As seen from the screenshot, my logs started filling up the the error from pcalling GetRankInGroup

Moved to engine bugs since nobody knows why

Does not meet bug report guidelines, so moving it back. Please edit it back into bug reports if/once you can make it follow bug report guidelines.

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And this error is still here to this day…

When bumping 2 year old posts, you’ll want to add some information of your own akin to the bug report guidelines, otherwise bumping it doesn’t accomplish anything.

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