Getting help for problems with Studio (no code)

I have noticed during my views of the DevForum over the past few years there are a number of requests for help for activity in Studio where no code is involved.
For example placement of objects that do not go where the user expected them due to some other parts being near to the location where the user is trying to place the obect.
Lining up UI objects that do not seem to want to align where wanted.

They all seem to be targeted at Scripting Support as there does not seem to be anywhere else to go.
I am wondering if a seperate category within Help and Feedback would resolve this issue so users of Studio who get stuck in its use could request help.
Please excuse me if this is not in the correct place.

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These topics likely belong in either #help-and-feedback:building-support (anything related to building in Roblox) or #help-and-feedback:art-design-support (UI topics usually go here due to the lack of another category)


There is a platform usage support category we have been pushing for. Matter of time I think.


This should be resolved by:

Thanks for the feedback!