Getting lots of studio crashes - extremely difficult to develop

My studio hasn’t been crashing, however has since the update been lagging, making it difficult to develop (good specs).

I believe it may have something to do with the terrain tool, as @GammaShock said disabling the flag for widget terrain tools seems to resolve most issues.

I’ve been scanning through the source of the terrain tools which I grabbed from builtinplugins for a while now, I’ll get back to you all on that.

Edit: This is quite apparent when navigating explorer while editing a script.

Studio starts off good and then progressively gets worse (memory leak???)

:thinking: image

looks like they’re trying to run RenderStepped.RenderStepped:wait() because they messed up the runService variable??


I’ve fixed that up and replaced the current built in terrain plugin with it. So far I’ve experienced no lag, hmu bryce#5058 if you want it.

Edit: Emailed with the issues and patch asking to talk to an engineer, got brushed off to the faq studio page so we’ll see how this goes.


I’ve been crashing extremly frequently also. Normally happens when opening a script,entering or exiting testing. I’ve also found that large scripts with 8000+ lines has slow response time.


Yeah, I described the same issue on my previous post. Now, I believe, that is due to an update to the studio’s intellisense or auto completion, it looks like to check more variables on the whole script for every cycle, when you select something.

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Like many other people have already noted here, the crash occurs for me when I have the script editor open and try to do things (open scripts/view object children) in the Workspace pane.

Edit: It has also happened to me when trying to close scripts in the script editor.

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Studio is basically un-usable at this point for me holding me back from developing.


Unsure if this is related, but I’ve had this issue happen a lot since the update:

Repo steps:
Resize any of the widgets (built in or made) and this will occur.
Specs are as follows:

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I’m not getting this error. Are you using team create?

Edit: Even with team create, I cannot reproduce this. I guess it could be specific for your specs or studio version?

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Occurs in all instances of Studio.

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That is strange, I’ll keep trying. Is it possible you could open studio on a different device and see if that is happening?

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I have a spare computer lying around somewhere. Will check.

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I don’t think I ever showed my laptop specs, here they are:


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I haven’t experienced any crashes, however I do get a significant slow down over time.

Remember a year ago or whenever how clicking on things in the Explorer would cause freezing for a few seconds as time went on? I’m getting that again. And the script editor begins to stutter over time as well. Restarting studio fixes.

EDIT: And since I’m restarting so often, I’m noticing the script tab reload feature (which reopens scripts when you reopen game) is not saving sometimes, but I’m not sure if it’s related. Maybe it’s been funky and I’m only noticing now because I have to restart so often.


My studio is also fine, some strange lags every half hour or so but reopening fixes it. Seems like a memory leak then.

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My studio hasn’t crashed but is getting slower the longer it is open so seems similar to what other people are experiencing.

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We’ve made a potential fix for this issue. Please restart Studio and try again. Let me know if you still encounter this issue!


Thank you, this fixed the lag that occured mainly in the explorer window.

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After this, studio works normal again. Thanks a lot!

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Seems crashing has been fixed, thanks :slight_smile:

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