Getting lots of studio crashes - extremely difficult to develop

Since today, me and several others have been getting lots of crashes as we use studio. Key takeaways:

  • Properties and explorer windows get progressively slower to respond as time goes on
  • Eventually performing an action with one of those windows will cause roblox to crash

I haven’t been able to make a session last more than 10 minutes.


What are your specs? I’m not getting any of these issues.

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I’ve been having this too, been working on plugins most of the day.

My workflow has just been editing a plugin then saving it locally to test. Rinse and repeat.

After a handful of local saves performance starts to take a dip and eventually I get a crash.

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Just started a session and immediately crashed.


DxDiag.rbxl (it’s a .txt)


I’ll posts my specs too I suppose to see if that’ll help isolate the issue for the engineers.


DxDiag.rbxl (68.7 KB)

Got this issue too since today. Also getting a bunch of freezes.

R7 1800X/1080ti/win 10

Both of you have 1080 Tis…anyone else here have a 1080 Ti that can weigh their side?



I’ll test this tomorrow.

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Im very curious if its the same problem as me.

For anybody experiencing this issue, it would be useful to know the answers to the following questions.

  • Does the problem persist if you close the active place and reopen it in the same studio session?
  • Do you have any plugins which use widgets installed?
  • Are you finding this occurs with a specific type of input? (mouse, keyboard, etc…)
  1. yes? (not sure what you mean by same studio session)
  2. no (except for the terrain one but thats built in (i think))
  3. for me it can happen with anything, Changing the name of an object, importing an object, moving the camera, it can be anything at all (even not doing anything sometimes crashes)
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Was pressing the enter key in a modulescript I was editing and it crashed.

Said something about 'AutocompleteException: syntax error: [string “”]:1: unexpected symbol near ‘.’.


Are you using a high DPI monitor?

I’ve got an Acer Predator x34 (3440x1440), scaling set to 100%.
Dxdiag logs:

I’m having lag while my scripts are open and I select something

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I’m also having tons of lag, which is making developing nearly impossible to do.


I’m getting the same exact issue. It started the same exact time that widgets were enabled.

Glad to know it’s not me.

Hopefully they fix this soon, It’s directly interfering with my development.

I’m pretty sure it’s the newly added widgets. It only started occuring as soon as they added in widgets to studio.

Everyone does, the default terrain plugin / “widget”.

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I’m having no lag but the occasional crash, it is getting annoying though.
I had no problems yesterday using PluginGui, it was only until terrain plugin was updated. Don’t take my word for it.

Always used to see a slow increase in lag when selecting instances the longer Studio has been open, but it is now much worse and happens much faster.

Memory usage doesn’t increase, but Studio’s CPU usage cranks as high as it’s allowed to go for a moment every time I try to select an instance. If I continuously switch between instances it stays at the same high level of CPU usage. It’s much worse when the script editor is open instead of the viewport.