Get/Update Metadata for Open Cloud Asset API

[Update] February 26, 2024

Hi creators,

Exciting news! Following up on a previous launch, we are launching an update for the Open Cloud Assets API. This update introduces new APIs that enable you to access and modify Assets metadata. This includes:

  1. Getting the asset name, description, creator information, moderation status, asset icon etc.
  2. Updating the asset name, description etc.
  3. Listing all versions of an asset. Get or rollback to a specific version.

For more details, please visit our Guide and API Reference pages.

While we continue to build more Open Cloud APIs to help you manage your assets. Let us know how we can assist in automating your daily tasks.

This release is part of our vision to enable external creators to manage their assets using the Open Cloud Assets API. It is designed to allow you to automate your development workflow and facilitate integration with other systems. We will be adding more functionality to the API in the future. If you currently rely on other APIs like to manage your assets, consider using Open Cloud Assets API for your new project or migrating previous code to it.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you!


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Any plans to introduce creation of developer products? It’s rough to make each one by hand in situations where you need to mass produce them. (Example of a use case is regionalized pricing for products and gift versions of gamepasses)


Such an amazing update, Excited to see what’s next!!


Awesome work, Roblox! Love seeing you guys update the site in meaningful ways.


Good step forward in the OAuth route! Any chances we can get updates for Group OAuth? Really needing to automate stuff there but can’t due to the region lock!


When will the Assets APIs add support for more content types (i.e rbxms and Videos)? These APIs are somewhat limited currently.


We are working on it. Stay tuned!


I hope an asset creation API via rbxm files is released soon. Great addition overall.


When are we going to get the API to download or at least get a file hash for assets? It’s my understanding that Tarmac can’t really move over to Open Cloud APIs until we do.

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This is said on Roblox’s Discovery documentation:

“When updating your experience’s metadata, it may take up to 14 days for your experience to repopulate in discovery pages and search results.”

Can that time be shortened or can we see a response as to why it may take that long? That timing doesn’t mesh well with the efficiency that would come with automation.

Link to discovery documentation: Discovery | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub


This is a great change, but there is a big feature still missing in the Open Cloud’s Asset API; the lack of support for packages.
Downloading a package from the Open Cloud results in the package link instance getting removed while if you insert it from the toolbox it works fine, is this intentional? if not can we expect a fix for this soon?

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We are looking at options for how more content types can be authored from Open Cloud APIs. We are not ready to share exact plans yet. But stay tune here as this is on our radar.


Hey folks, we have temporarily disabled some of the endpoints mentioned here due to an unforeseen issue. We will update you again once we re-enable the endpoints!

EDIT: resolved!


What is the issue, exactly?

I see “Unforseen” and I get intrigued. :joy:


I personally do not use this, but I tested it out a bit before it got released to the public and it was amazing! Great work, the people who worked on this did amazingly! Keep up the good work. I can’t wait for y’all to throw some amazing other things our way.

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This is really needed !!

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Any plans for an official Postman API reference?


There is documentation that you can easily translate into Postman, for most API sub-domains like:, (etc) you can just append /docs onto the URL which will direct you to the official Swagger API documentation.



Unfortunantly, this does not work for roblox open cloud resources. (

As far as I know, there are none of the docs sites for any of the endpoints, either V1 or V2. is the closest to what I want, however the site is not up. I found it here: List of web APIs | Roblox Wiki | Fandom