GFX feedback - Sickcd GFXs

Hey everyone, I recently made a personal artwork. I modeled everything in the GFX of course with help of video tutorials.

Took me around one hour.


I enjoy the background lightroom and well picked colors, it could represent a cartoonistic or low poly game perfectly. Just the reflectance / light on the bottom / around the legs don’t fit too well. But for the basics, this seems to be neat.

You could improve or add details by putting some outlines or… uh, I’m not too sure how to describe it but you often see it in GFX Artwork.


Everything in this one screams great and stylized! you just need to remove the shine from the floors. and nothing else more.


Thanks for the feedback, I will try to improve for my next GFX.

Thanks for the feedback! I will try to fix those things

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Wow…Yet another masterpiece by @Sickcd! Keep up the great work bro! :wink:


It’s pretty well made, everything fits in with the cartoony/low-poly scene, but there’s still some room for improvement. The shape of the rocks looked unnatural, I think it should be more randomized. Besides that, the character’s shadow isn’t really noticeable on the ground, making it a little weird. Overall, great job, keep up the good work!


Thanks for your feedback, it’s really appreciated :slight_smile:

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