GFX for beginners guide (Block rig)

This is based off of Youtube (Pamzsxt’s tutorial)

Plugin needed: Plugin (Load Character Lite - AlreadyPro)

Block rig: Blockrig

Remember to save your work throughout as Blender may crash unexpectedly sometimes

Exporting your character

Go into studio, open the plugin and type in the roblox username of who you want in the GFX.

Tick “Spawn at origin” then press “Spawn R6”

After the character has spawned, check explorer (on the side) and select all the hats

Right click and press “Export Selection”

Save it then exit Roblox studio and open the Block Rig.

Opening your character in Blender

Open the block rig, you will see this:

At the top you can see this, click on the file icon and press on your character texture (that came when you exported the hats)



If you pressed R15 before, the texture might be messed up, so you have to export again

Drag this to the top by dragging the bottom line up.

image What it looks With my texture

Now importing hats

You will see file at the top, press it then press “Import” “Wavefront (.obj)”

Open your .obj file image
Press “Import OBJ”

If the hat is a little above the head move it to fit the head

Should look like this:

Press “Shift” on the hair and the first head attachment
image Ctrl + P and object
(Means the hair will move with the head making it easier for you)

Posing, lighting and camera


Select the character then you will see this at the bottom left.
Press on it then press “Pose mode”

What you will see:

Tutorial on posing: Tutorial (AlexanderGFX [and music] - How to pose a roblox rig in blender)


After you have the pose, exit “Pose mode” going back to “Object mode”.
image (my pose)

Now to set up the camera.
You will see this at the bottom left of your screen:
Press “Add” “Camera”
Then press “View” “Cameras” “Active Camera”

This shows you what the camera sees, Shift + F to move the camera where you want to render it.

“View” “Cameras” “Active Camera” again to exit “Camera mode”


Tutorial on lighting: Lighting (PicklePie - Blender 2.8 Lighting Tutorial for Roblox GFX - Add Emission Planes, Rim Lighting, HDRIs, and more!)


If you want to make it transparent:

Now for rendering, the top you will see “Render” press it and then press “Render image”.

After it has render press “Image” “Save as”

That is all, thank you!


For anyone following this, the tutorial was on blender 2.8 but this also works on 2.79.



Is there any way you could make a tutorial on this, without blender and doing it in Roblox Studio?

Not sure, but I will see and consider.

Alright, because I have blender, but it lags a bunch for some unknown reason so I’d prefer trying to do it in Roblox Studio.


I am primarily a scripter and hiring a GFX artist is usually takes Robux so i am definitely gonna use this,Great Tutorial!

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Instead of pressing view - active camera - etc., press the camera icon on the right side of the viewport, which will cycle through the cameras in the scene.

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Rendering graphics in Roblox Studio is possible, although Roblox Studio is not a 3D Modelling/Rendering program, rather a game engine, so even in time, Roblox’s graphics probably won’t improve enough to compete against Blender’s.

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@InternsDog is there a R15 version tutorial? Can you post it here? (YT or Devforum)


Thanks but i wanna ask How do i properly rig someone then take their rig into actual blender where i can see lights and render easily and if it is possible

How do I use the block rig? Is there a .obj file format for it?

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To any having trouble selecting hats, press “ctrl” and click on all the hats you want selected. Do not use “shift”!

Have an amazing day!

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There is no way I am going to go to a media fire site. For all you know it could carry a virus. Although besides that good tutorial!

sorry i late
you can download this

PaintRigV3.blend (801.4 KB)

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Thank you for this tutorial / guide.

I think I accidently deleted the fly thing because I cant fly anymore and it doesn’t show when I try to go on preferences. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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I Liked This Tutorial, Thanks For Helping Me!

I Can Easily Make Gfx Now, As I’m A Beginner

Pam’s my friend actually! Her tutorials are great! So glad to see people are getting help from her.

I have a question cause I couldn’t find this on the Internet. Do you know how to do a custom rig other than a blocky rig? I’ve found some basic ones such as Woman Rig, Man Rig, but neither found like a ROBLOX Girl nor Rthro, etc. Thanks!