Ghost Private message counter


I left a private message group when I didn’t read messages. And this happened:

I am checking the notifications and nothing there.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have a private message group
  2. Without reading the messages, leave.
  3. Notification vanishes without changing the counter

This happens in both Chrome and Mi Browser.


read this one, and see if it worked


She is talking about people she is following. I am talking about a private message with 0 people I follow/-ed.


In the group chat that I was invited to, I’m fairly sure I was following none of them.

I meant that I received a notification from someone I followed and since I don’t pay much attention to some posts, I dismissed it. Dismissing this notification also dismissed the ghost DM for me.

We’re probably talking about the same DM thread anyways considering your notification history :joy:


Sadly, I can’t do that…

Also it says that I haven’t received any message:

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Yes, the same thing happened to me.

When you next receive a like or reply notification, instead of clicking on it, try dismissing it instead.


I also have a ghost notification. This notification should disappear on its own without me needing to use some obscure workaround (which right now I have no notifications to perform that on).


It’s unlikely we’ll be able to invest engineering resources into this since this is not very pervasive (caused by edge cases of being removed from a DM while it is unread) and we don’t own the source code in this area. I recommend following the workarounds posted above.

You can try to find exact repro steps for the current Discourse version and posting that to the Discourse team at if you are passionate about solving the issue.