Ghouls Ent - Information Hub

Ghouls Ent - Information Hub

Ghouls Ent, short for Ghouls Entertainment, is a multi-purpose group for clothing and game development. This is merely just an information hub for everything related to the group.


Here are the guidelines you must follow to keep the group and group games a friendly place. Breaking these guidelines can result in being kicked from the group depending on the severity.

Current Projects

This is an active topic showing the current things we’re working on or that are being developed so you can know which games are receiving updates.


This is for all the people who have inspired the group/me to create and develop further projects and clothing for my own group, thank you all. This list will continue to grow and be edited.


Here are the definition of the ranks inside the group and how to obtain them if they’re obtainable. These will be updated if there are more ranks added.