Girls&Boys VS Zombies - Changelog

Girls&Boys VS Zombies - Changelog

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This is the changelog for Girls&Boys VS ZOMBIES. Release notes from all versions of the game will be noted here as they get released.

Next Update Announcement / Features That Will Be Added:

Suggestions From Community Server (13+)

New Update/Older Versions Will Be Shown Here

Latest Version v1.9.9.6:

  • Fix For Mobile Weapons, Now Tablet, Phone Users Can Enjoy Shooting Without The Moving Crosshair

  • Added Shiftlock For Mobile And Tablet Users (Used For Building, Aiming In ThirdPerson)

  • Removed A Testing Weapon From Starterpack

  • Tank Turret Time Synced With Game

  • Fixed LMP02 Item Shop

  • Removed More Connections, Less Using Memory

  • Medkit Body Coloring Removed

  • More Accuracy For Mobile Weapons

Older Versions:

  • Tank Turret Rotation Is Now Smooth

  • Removed Useless Connections & Added Disconnections To No Longer Used Scripts

  • PlatformStand Now Used For Crates & NPC Ragdolls

  • Zombies Now Have One Single Universal Script Inside Of Them

  • Player Zombie Walkspeed Changed: Normal Zombie 16, Hunter 18 And Tank 14

  • Animal Behavior Changed To A Less Laggy One

  • Wolf Attack No Longer Makes Errors

  • Fixed Tank MG Damage Multiplier

  • FlareKitten/Airstrike Fire Damage Now Uses TweenService

  • Player Zombie Now Deals 15 Damage From Both Arms

  • New Player Animations

  • Moving With Your Weapon Is Now Synced To The Current Animation

  • Zombie Animations Loop Issue Fixed

  • Animations Now Work In Animator:LoadAnimation Rather Than Humanoid:LoadAnimation

  • Replaced /e cheer /e laugh with /e salute /e atease

  • Player Zombies Now Do Have Custom Player Clothes

  • Player Zombies Can Jump At The Height Of 1 Stud

  • Raised Price For The Raygun From 200 to 300 KOs

**v1.9.9.3 Recoild & Infection Update**
  • Added Infection (Players Who Die By Zombies Have A Chance To Become A Playable Zombie

  • 3 Different Variants Of Playable Zombies (Tank, Hunter, Normal)

  • Weapons Recoil For Most Guns (Recoil Values Depends On Different Guns)

  • Replaced Tracker With Airstrike Tool

  • Added Napalm Airstrike (180s Cooldown)

  • Buffed Many Guns (For Recoil Purposes And Item Shop)

  • Added A Little Of Vegetation

  • Maybe Translations Fixed?

  • Enemies Do Not Search For Players Inside Of Workspace But From “game.Players” List

  • Buildings Reworked, Less Server Side Lag With Less Connections And Use Of Memory

  • Deagle Upper Parts Now Slide Like The Pistol

  • Freezeray Shotgun Shop Fixed (Now it does show the purchase prompt)

  • Sponsored Experiences Removed

  • New Dialogue System Made By Davidii As Shown Here

  • Fixed Many Grammar Issues lol

  • Fixed Light Tank Autoflip

  • Building With Less Than 1 Health Points Will Be Deleted Instantly With Hammer Tool

  • Antidote Now Has Animations And Doesn’t Break If Unequipped

  • Energized Water Doesn’t Break If Unequipped

  • Lantern Now Has A Deletion Timer (For Server-Side Ping Problems)

  • Use Of StreamingEnabled For Better Client Memory Usage

**v1.9.9.0 Major Update**
  • GroupOnly Starter Weapon Replaced!

  • Pistol Sound And Animation Added

  • Fixed Buildings Not Destroying

  • Light Tank (Centauro) Has To Be Bought For 50 KOs

  • SCAR-H Added To The Game (Suggestion)

  • CAVE UPDATE (Suggestion)

  • Added New NPC (Daniel)

  • Added Corrosive Liquids (Don’t Touch Them)

  • EpicKatana Raised The Price To 120 KOs

  • New Enemies (Building Destroyer, Abominations, Storage Dweller)

  • New Enemies Animations (Walk,Idle)

  • Return Of Old Weapons (Freezeray, Raygun)

  • Universal Weapon Tick Sound If No Ammo Inside Magazine

  • Church Has Been Replaced To A More Detailed, Classic Looking One

  • Added Vests To Military Personel

  • Added A Single Dialog To Matt

  • Tank Boss Health Is Now 3500 Instead Of 2500

  • Added New Boss, Storage Dweller With A Lot Of Health

  • New Bible Dialog

  • Removed The Final .Parent = nil And :Remove()

  • Lighting Geographic Latitude Is Now 41 Like The Original Game

  • You Can Now Liberate A Beast (Don’t)

  • Flooding Can Happen If It Rains

  • Added Pickaxe

  • Added The Possibility Of Mining Crystals

  • Crystals Regen

  • GroupOnly Starter Weapon Added To The Game

  • Fixed Donation Board Module

  • New Rank (Veteran) For People Who Joined The Group

  • Fixed Global Announcement (NIL:ERROR)

  • Fixed Buildings Not Breaking Entirely


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