Give developers crash data

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to see useful data regarding crashes - specifically for mobile. We can see how often devices are crashing, but not why.

It would be incredibly helpful in optimizing my game for mobile devices to be able to target the problem points, rather than rely on guesswork and self-testing to reproduce.

Even if specific information about crashes is too sensitive or impractical to display meaningfully, it would be nice to have some general metrics.

For example, a useful piece of information would be the time before crashing. Knowing that players are crashing at the start of the game versus 10 minutes into the game would make for a completely different approach in mitigating the issue.



I totally support this feature. Giving developers the ability to see crash data for their games will certainly help with optimising and pin pointing issues. Developers shouldn’t be having to guess why players are crashing.

Use cases and advantages of this feature:

  • Developers will be able to fix bugs a lot easier in their games as they will be able to easily pin point those issues with the crash data. This will ultimately make playing games on roblox a nicer experience because players should crash less.

  • This feature will help developers test their games. Having crash data will give developers an understanding of what features need more testing. Also developers will be able to roll out new features and will be able to closely watch that feature for crashes. If the feature makes people crash developers will know exactly what about that features makes people crash.

  • Having this feature will give developers more of an understanding of their games and more control over them. Having a good understanding of what things specifically make players crash will allow developers to design features without these issues in.


I still badly need this information. My game is filtered on several mobile devices and I am still completely in the dark as to why. I am losing significant potential engagement and revenue by being unable to pinpoint and fix these issues.



There should be statistics on how big the sample size of a crash statistic are, and a number of the total amount of all mobile devices played during that sample gathering time. This would allow a statistic on the current percentage of total mobile users who crash with each device. Hence, devs could make an informed decision on if it’s worth it to remove or keep game items and content that are adding to the client memory.


Still in need of this data. I would love to see a response on this.

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Semi-annual reminder that I have no idea why a significant portion of my mobile playerbase is crashing.

I’ve tried many shotgun approaches and had no success. I need data, and I’ve needed this data for over 3 years. Other developers are in the same boat.


Still in need of this data. I would love to see a response on this.


Bumping this…

I recently acquired an iPhone 6 as to debug issues with Robloxian High School. Unfortunately, I discovered that I can’t even get into the game. This means there is no way for me to debug my game in order to improve it for mobile devices.

As Firebrand1 has stressed above, it would be great to get further insights into crash data so we can properly solve problems. This thread is two years old with no response from the company.


Bumping this again. Pretty sure literally everyone working on games that have a high mobile userbase would like to have this data :frowning:

They should just provide statistics on reason for crash per device (out of memory? iOS killed it? etc) or give you average/P90/P99 statistics of memory/CPU usage per device over session duration.


Debug logs (client & server) ? Wouldn’t hurt.

As in developer-issued messages via print/warn/etc? That might be useful, but you can already collect that with what is available currently (though it would be nice if Roblox can provide a repository for this out of the box that you can inspect). Roblox-facing debug logs would be useless for us as developers, we wouldn’t be able to parse it. Knowing why the issue occurred is much more impactful for resolving any issues. Roblox probably already collects error logs and solves issues for us behind the scenes every release.