Filtered Devices Crash Statistics: How many people are crashing?

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to find out how many nominal players are crashing, and how that number compares to the overall mobile/tablet players.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it may improve design decisions in determining which lower-end devices are worth potentially sacrificing vital game-build quality for.

For example, if a certain device crashes 25% of the time and became filtered, but was only .7% of total tablet players at the time, that could be seen as a small percentage of total players. If the game is not filtered from any other devices, the developer may choose to conclude, they do not wish to cut-down game quality anymore to gather potentially those previous 0.7% of total tablet players.


This is still a problem, I wish to see how many players are crashing, not just a percentage.


To fix crash rates, the development flow must be to optimize textures, which is incredibly painful and tedious due to the current workflow without 2 vital features.

The new feature to see which texture assets are using the most Mb is amazing, and listed below could be how to make it even better.

Another vital statistic missing when developers are trying to figure out what time should be spent optimizing vs making new content is ratings by platform. My hypothesis is players on mobile devices that are crashing are down voting the game out of anger, and this feature could shed more light on that idea after being able to see the difference (if any) in PC ratings vs mobile ratings.