Give developers the ability to transfer badges/gamepasses between personal experiences/places

The Problem

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to transfer badges/gamepasses between my personal experiences and places. :sad:

The Ask

Therefore, I would like the ability to transfer badges/gamepasses between my personal experiences/places.

There’s likely a lot of issues with transferring badges/gamepasses to other users or groups, hence the emphasis on personal.

I imagine this feature could be done for both the website and Roblox Studio. However, the Creator Dashboard seems like the ideal area for this functionality.

Current “Workaround”

The current “workaround” is to reupload badges or gamepasses to an experience.

  • Badges have a :robux_light:100 fee to upload. Developers may have to spend large quantities of robux to reupload badges.

  • Gamepasses are free to upload, but the old version cannot be surfaced on the new experience. This means developers must gunk up their code to support both the new and old gamepasses.

In summary, this “workaround” has immense friction with developer budgets, user intuition, and developer efficiency.

Use Cases

Combining Experiences Punishes My Wallet + Efficiency

Prior to the arrival of premium payouts, a lot of developers utilized multiple experiences for the sake of sequels, monetization, and gamepass limits.

However, a big factor in premium payouts is retention. Splitting your playerbase amongst three experiences often ruins retention, engagement, and therefore premium payout yields.

As a result, there is a need to combine experiences when it makes sense. Developers can currently do this pretty easily given how places and experiences work, but they are unable to combine badges and gamepasses.

As someone who has ~160 badges between three experiences, I am deterred from combining them because I would have to reupload ~160 badges. That’s 16,000 robux plus the need to change my code. I would also have to support two versions of the same gamepass. This is not viable.

Combining Places/Experiences Punishes My Experience Forever

Even prior to gamepasses, badges were required to be place-specific - they were not universe/experience specific. This meant that if you had places within a universe/experience, you had to add the badges to a specific place in order for them to function.

As a result, these badges do not show up on the main experience page. For example, this game of mine has about 15 badges, yet you can only see 4 on the experience page.

This makes players skeptical when I claim there’s more than four badges. Additionally, these badges are not surfaced to badge hunters or completionists. I am essentially punished for using a functionality Roblox provides.

Testing Branches Are Limited

I make testing branches of my experiences - sometimes as an entirely different universe. I would like to test badges when doing so. It would be helpful to transfer a badge from the test experience to the real one when I am done.


If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because I would be able to properly combine elements of my experiences (for numerous purposes) with ease.