Give developers the option to not have the plugin positions randomized in the Plugins tab

As a Roblox developer with many useful plugins, it is currently too hard to keep memorizing their position each day.

It is no secret that the plugins tab shuffles the position of the plugins in it at a random interval. It could be after a day, maybe after you open a studio instance 2h after closing it earlier but this happens. It is incredibly user unfriendly as some users go out of their way to memorize the placement of their tools for the sake of shaving off as much time off their development time as possible. Roblox doesn’t allow us to do so with the plugins tab.

While some people like the idea of having their tools messed with to spice up the mundane, it certainly can make things difficult if you’re working on something very time sensitive and you need to be able to quickly access plugins that are essential to your workflow.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience as I’d no longer have to spend a minute to actually take a look at the plugins tab to find the plugin that I am in need of at that certain time. By allowing us to have a static place for plugins on the tab, it’ll not only allow us to personalize the tab but also significantly improve the experience for power users with too little time to actually sit down and come up with all the keybinds imaginable.