Give Fog a LightInfluence property

As a Roblox developer, fog does not have a LightInfluence property that would allow it to blend in with the game ambient, in which its absense prohibits it from properly blending in.

With the introduction of the LightInfluence property in SurfaceGuis, it has allowed SurfaceGuis to wonderfully blend in with the game lighting. Fog, which has been on Roblox longer than SurfaceGuis, is yet to have a LightInfluence property that would allow in-game lighting to influence its shade.

With this stated, I’d like to suggest that fog be given a LightInfluence property. It would allow fog to dynamically change in brightness when the time of day shifts from day to night; or to have a shade similar to the ambient color, should the ambient color change.


Can’t you change the fog color and intensity already?

Definitely support. Particles already have this property, it’s odd that fog doesn’t.


full support

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I don’t think this can be implemented due to the way fog currently works.
If we get volumetric fog, then this would be doable atleast


LightInfluence doesn’t work for fog in the same way LightInfluence works for SurfaceGuis. Each point on a SurfaceGui has a position in the 3D world and a direction it’s facing (normal), so you can calculate how is hitting it. Same idea for Particles. You cant do this for Fog because Fog has no position or normal.

What you’re suggesting, though, is that Fog change color depending on Lighting.TimeOfDay. This can easily be done with Lua.


To be honest, fog needs a complete rewrite, as the current implementation of it is really basic and dates from 2011.

And what @StealthKing95 said.

Still, support.


Fog does really need to be entirely redone, as @lucas200206 said. However, when it’s possible to have fog influenced by light, I fully support this idea.


Volumetric fog would be excellent. The way fog is currently done is super basic ands quite bad imo.

Idk about the technical overheads of volumetric fog though, I imagine they’d be quite high?

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iam not fully sure about how hardware demanding volumetric fog is ; i can only tell in moat games which got volumetric fog as graphics update ; that i didnt noticed any mention able fps drop … maybe upto 3 to 6 less fps in some extreme rendering intensive scenes …

I could imagine some low sampled / low res more simplier volumetric fog for roblox ; same as some better more volumetric sun rays ; since the current are great but not fully pleasing .

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