Give me something to script and I will try and do it!

I want to get better at programming, but I have no ideas for anything to try, so I am asking the community to give me something to try, obviously not something ridiculously difficult, but just something for me to try, or to challenge me.

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I have an try to make a system that counts how many hours you are in game and when there is a specific time period like a the 2 minute mark a special event happens.Or you could a make a system in where a Npc is a able to recognize objects and able to tell what is like if it is looking at a plastic part it will give you the name of the part and location and that it can learn what objects its looking at it over time

What sort of ‘Special Event’ do you mean, like they given money or something appears? and do you mean every two minutes or just at the two minute mark?

Maybe like a rain event happen but look at my second idea this going to really difficult to train an ai to recognize different objects.

Do you mean for the AI one, it looks at something then tries to tell what its looking at

Yes like it can be able to regonize what part is it is looking at and give the name of the part and location maybe you could accomplish that using ray casting.

Yeah I could do that, I though that you meant it looks at it and tries to use machine learning to figure out what it is

Try to make a tool that attaches to your back once you unequip it, and it attaches to your hand whenever you equip it!

oh, that’s a great idea i’ll try that.

I would say its more of computer vision than machine learning.

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Try to make a very small obby game.

Like an obby but all the peices are like 0.1 studs small?

Just a very small simple obby game. you can add 0.1 pieces too if you want

Oh okay, ive never tried to make an obby game before

Try detecting core GUI when exploiters inject into it.

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Look since you are a beginner with scripting and building you should search some tutorials via other topics or via Youtube.

What do you mean by that, I have no clue what CoreGUI is.

I’m not a beginner, I just want to try some new stuff and i am really bad at coming up with ideas

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smh, nvm don’t do it you probably can’t any way I’ve been trying to do it for months now with no luck.

Core GUI iis the place where all of the default ROBLOX GUIs are stored.
The ESC Menu, Playerlist, Backpack are all examples.

@RageOfficial_Support was saying that you could try to do a ChildAdded event in the core gui to see if it adds stuff, but then you would probably need an actual exploit gui to test it :thinking:

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