Give more freedom with changing the mouse icon

There are two problems that developers will face when trying to customize the mouse icon.

  1. Mouse.Icon is overridden when the mouse is over a GuiButton, stated here: Mouse.Icon
    When a player hovers their mouse over a GuiButton, it defaults to the regular black mouse icon, shown in the video. There is no option to change this. I’m requesting that there should be a property of Mouse called HoverIcon to fix this. When a developer is trying to portray a specific theme, or has a highly customized mouse icon, it can be awkward for the mouse to change into the default black one whenever it hovers over buttons. Adding a HoverIcon property will fix that.

  2. ClickDetectors do not show their CursorIcon if the Mouse has a custom icon. This is shown in the first video, and the gif shows that when there is no custom icon, the CursorIcon shows fine. This problem is not as important as the first, because it can be circumvented by utilizing the MouseHoverEnter and MouseHoverLeave events of ClickDetectors to just change Mouse.Icon. However, I think it should still be fixed because it’s likely just a bug. If this is fixed, it will make it easier on developers, because we won’t need to connect functions to every single ClickDetector for the icon to change properly.