Give us the ability to create custom distortion effects

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to create distortioneffects in-studio and in-game. The only way is to use glass, however the only distortion effect we have is the fresnel reflection, but here are so many others effects to use. For the people that knows Minecraft they will know that if we enter in a Nether portal or obtain a nausea effect, then the whole screen start to distorts. Reproduce this may be possible, but if you know the Minecraft Mod The Betweenlands then you will see, that the mod uses another optical effect, i think a custom. So i not see why Unity and UnrealEngine allow this (and other engines or Blender/Maya/…), but not Roblox.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because i could create a new genre of animations that would speed up my work and not would need to export/import 200 Images to Roblox, wich would be more beneficial for both player and server.

Examples of uses of DistortionEffects (i want to remind that i found these images on Google, so i not own these here, ok?):

An example?

I’m going to work on a camera and this is connected to a screen, with other words:
You look at the screen and see everything the camera sees. But I also imagine that it would be nice, but not enough. That’s why I would like to use my own distortion effect to make my camera more peculiar.
Another example:

Let’s invent a giant, magic crystal that is placed on a small and holy tower. When the player looks through the crystal, he would look through it normally. But that wouldn’t fit exactly, and I could use my own distortion effect again to make it more beautiful.

(Source: YT, Link: Distortion Shader in Unity 2019 with Shader Graph! (Tutorial) - YouTube)

I have many other examples:
A sniper that zooms, a black hole that devours everything, a mirror that alters the mirror image

And don’t forget the 2D stuff. Glass can’t change 2D things, so in other words you would have to use an invisible part, with the image and glass, and a camera in front of it. The whole glass thing sounds pretty weird and unnecessary, which is true.

You could solve all these problems by using glass, but not everyone likes the effect of glass. So, other effects would be good, but I can imagine that it will be like the parts materials (before the surface appearance), that you are very limited and if you want something else you have to do something very complicated or it’s impossible. So I think that if you could make your own effect, like a shader in Unity, it would help a lot of people. I hope it was enough, do you need more examples or do you not understand what I wrote, then you can tell me.


After reading this:

of course I understand better why Roblox doesn’t support it. But, I don’t know much about shaders, but aren’t there shaders on all 3 platforms?When I look at Fortnite for example, I find that no matter if it’s a mobile/console or PC, the effects always stay the same. So, how does UnrealEngine4 (if I’m not mistaken, you can just write it down here)? And has it changed over time, so is it possible or not? And if not, are the problems the same from back then or are they different problems now? If you know the answer, that would be helpful to understand why shaders are still not possible on Roblox today.

Thanks for reading


How does UnrealEngine4 make that there are the same shaders on all platforms, there are different problems now than there were then and if not, what new problems are there.

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