Giving out my bike system


Thanks for this great contribution! I will definitely take use of it immedietly in one way or another. :slight_smile:


Awesome! Is there R15 support?


Amazing! I wonder what kind of game I could make with it. :thinking:


It replaces the character with its own character model so yes.


This is amazing. I’m in love. <3 Thanks so much @x_o


you are my god


Bad. Ass. Can’t wait to give this a look later tonight.


Can Confirm. It’s a lot of fun.

(You have to turn on trick mode, however, I’m sure you’ll figure it out quickly.)



Is this based on David Rosen’s GDC talk? I stumbled on ik bunnies a while back and suspected that’s what was going on there; the bike’s maintaining the core principles of the talk.

If so it’s really cool to see just how far his procedural methods can take you. I would have never guessed that it would be able to animate a pedal bike so well.


Yeah, a lot of the stuff I’ve made has been super inspired by that talk.


OWO omg


Added X-Up and Endo to the trick list if anybody would like them.


MX vs ATV Unleashed, of course.


Honestly considered making some of the FMX maps from that game. Lol.