Glass Makes Some parts invisible is there a fix?

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Avoid Glass from making part with textures and transparency invisible

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parts Appear invisible behind glass
usually when parts are transparent


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Making parts opaque (this wont work since they need to be transparent)
searching the devfourms (found nothing)

I would love a work around for this
if you can think of one please let me know

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Just change the glass material to plastic if you don’t care about the glass effect.

If you still want a glassy looking effect, try changing the material to forcefield.

well it makes the glass too bright so idk

i care about the glass effect but if i cant figure anything else out i will do this

why don’t you try using smooth plastic instead of glass, you can recreate it with that

(PS roblox said this in the glass document)

ah i see how can i recreate it?
ex. what values need to be set?

just transparency and color


transparency .8
color3(fromrgb) 255,255,255
for whiteish glass

ah thank you!
it works perfectly now

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