Glass Screen Break + Tutorial "How to make camera effect like this?"


Try making 2 cameras?

Not sure, don’t do a lot with cameras, But it’s still worth a try.


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what do you mean by “making 2 cameras”?
is it rendering in GUI ?? :3

I don’t know how to explain but I thought you could add a camera, and maybe do something with GUI?

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I’m pretty sure It’s using glass parts and the position of it is the camera.


is it possible to weld the basepart to the camera?

No need the camera has a position just place a model with the glass in the current camera. Then update it to the cameraposition.


i tried to put a glass block into the current camera, but what do you mean by update it to the camera position?

take a look at this

this should help you with setting the CFrame of the glass

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i made sth like.
glass.CFrame= workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame
is this correct ? :3

But your camera will be inside the block (and the player won’t see it).
You should look at this:

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local RunService = game:GetService(“RunService”)
glass.Parent = workspace
local offsetCFrame =, 0, -5)


is it possible to solve the delay too, seems the glass have delay when players moving


Instead of Heartbeat, use Stepped for the client-side operation. It will move the part before it shows the position on the screen of the user.


omg yaya., thank you very much, it works OuO

Wouldn’t RenderStepped be a better option to this though since it’s directly related to player’s camera?

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yaya, im using RenderStepped now ^^

thank you for helping me on it, i made a tutorial for the people who wanna know more about it ^^


Yess queen, yessss I’ve been waiting for this.

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man the music shocked me in the middle of the night

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