Glassmorphism in UI

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I’m trying to create glassmorphism, like shown below. I was thinking of using viewports, but I’m not too sure how to do that. Does anyone know? Thanks!


I’m almost completely sure you can’t bend images with the current ui, the only way I can think of that is really stupid in my mind would be to create a legitimate glass block render stepped locally in front of the camera? Although viewports might work? I’m not sure how good the lighting is in viewports though!
Edit: I think it is a viewport frame though, as it is also blurry in the area, and the only effect I know that can create a blur like that is the Blur effect in lighting… Sorry my answer doesn’t help much! Sorry again, ahh…

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From: ViewportFrame GUI

In conclusion, no you can’t use post-processing effects in a ViewportFrame.

Edit: The post below me outlines a method that uses a frame put together with Gaussian blur in combination with reduced transparency to create (what I believe is) your intended effect.


This might be a part placed in front of the camera, with a DepthOfField effect set really close:

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what if you just cframed a glass part to a players camera, made it barely visible, and used surfaceguis on it.

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