Global hourly banner

Hello, in this post, i want to ask u guys.
How would i create an Banner that will be refreshed/changed with new content every 1 hour and also server synced/global, which mean all of the server has the same content.

Ive seen some post that explained how to do this, like on this one.

based on that post, i can make an hourly banner using seeds based on the unix timestamp, and heres the part where i get confused.

How do i get the exact unix timestamp to make it works?


this is for a project that i maybe will use in the future, if u still dont understand what i mean, what i mean is like ASTD and Anime Adventures Banner System where it would be changed every hour.

bumop aasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdas

so do i just calculaate how much hour that have been passed since that second? this is the thng that i was confused, where & how should i calculate the second t o get current hour and next hour

local hourspassed = math.floor(workspace:GetServerTimeNow() / 60 / 60)