How do I make a store that changes every hour on all servers with the same products?

If you didn’t understand, for a clearer idea the All Star Tower Defense (ASTD) banner is what I want to do, it changes every hour on all servers and has different units every time it changes

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Do more thorough researches. This page should be what you need:

Personally i prefer using ProfileService since that’s what i’ve always been using for the past year. Find the solution that suits your needs well.

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If you want to have consistency amongst all servers without using MessagingService (which you shouldn’t use because there’s no dedicated/central server), first find out the Unix timestamp of the next hour and then keep checking if the current Unix timestamp is greater than the next hour’s. If so, use Random to generate the next selection of items. Use the time information (e.g. day, month, year and hour) to construct a seed to pass to the Random object (every server will thus create the same seed) and then you got a consistent rotating shop.


what is unix supposed to be? I’ve been looking for a while but still can’t figure out what it is.

Unix epoch time, the time in milliseconds from January 1st 1970.

basically it would be the os.time() if I’m not wrong