Global leaderboard with abbreviations

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    I have a global leaderboards script and i tried adding formating so that i can save space on the boards(150000 to 150k example).
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    im getting an error that idk how to fix
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    I’ve searched everywhere for an example of these but couldn’t find any.
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-- [ SETTINGS ] --

local StatsName = "Gold" -- Your stats name
local MaxItems = 100 -- Max number of items to be displayed on the leaderboard
local MinValueDisplay = 1 -- Any numbers lower than this will be excluded
local MaxValueDisplay = 10e15 -- (10 ^ 15) Any numbers higher than this will be excluded
local UpdateEvery = 5 -- (in seconds) How often the leaderboard has to update

-- [ END SETTINGS ] --

-- Don't edit if you don't know what you're doing --

local DataStoreService = game:GetService("DataStoreService")
local DataStore = DataStoreService:GetOrderedDataStore("GlobalLeaderboard_" .. StatsName)
local SurfaceGui = script.Parent
local Sample = script.Sample
local List = SurfaceGui.Frame.List
local ItemsFrame = List.ListContent.Items

local function GetItems()
	local Data = DataStore:GetSortedAsync(false, MaxItems, MinValueDisplay, MaxValueDisplay)
	local TopPage = Data:GetCurrentPage()
	ItemsFrame.Nothing.Visible = #TopPage == 0 and true or false
	for i, v in ipairs(TopPage) do
		local UserId = v.key
		local Value = v.value
		local Username = "[Not Available]"
		local Color = Color3.fromRGB(38, 50, 56)
		local Success, Error = pcall(function()
		 	Username = game.Players:GetNameFromUserIdAsync(UserId)
		if i == 1 then
			Color = Color3.fromRGB(255, 215, 0)
		elseif i == 2 then
			Color = Color3.fromRGB(192, 192, 192)
		elseif i == 3 then
			Color = Color3.fromRGB(205, 127, 50)
		local Item = Sample:Clone()
		Item.Name = Username
		Item.LayoutOrder = i
		Item.Values.Number.TextColor3 = Color
		Item.Values.Number.Text = i
		Item.Values.Username.Text = Username
		Item.Values.Value.Text = Value
		Item.Parent = ItemsFrame

local SuffixList = {"", "K", "M", "B", "T", "Qa", "Qi"}

local function Format(value, idp)
	local exp = math.floor(math.log(math.max(1, math.abs(value)),1000))
	local suffix = SuffixList[1 + exp] or ("e+" .. exp)
	local norm = math.floor(value * ((10 ^ idp) / (1000 ^ exp))) / (10 ^ idp)

	return("%.".. idp .. "f%s"):format(norm, suffix)

while true do
	for i, v in pairs(game.Players:GetPlayers()) do
		local Stats = v.leaderstats:WaitForChild(StatsName).Value 
		Stats.Value = Format(StatsName.Value)
		if Stats then
				DataStore:UpdateAsync(v.UserId, function(Value)
					return tonumber(Stats)
	for i, v in pairs(ItemsFrame:GetChildren()) do
		if v:IsA("ImageLabel") then
	SurfaceGui.Heading.Heading.Text = StatsName .. " Leaderboard"
	List.ListContent.GuideTopBar.Value.Text = StatsName
	List.CanvasSize =, 0, 0, ItemsFrame.UIListLayout.AbsoluteContentSize.Y + 35)

Please do not ask people to write entire scripts or design entire systems for you. If you can’t answer the three questions above, you should probably pick a different category.

For the abbreviations part.


Most efficient way of converting a number in scientific notation into a Suffix and back?

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CLDRTools, a tool for formatting/shortening numbers, getting plurals etc. (Undocumented!)

[2.3.0] FormatNumber - Format numbers easily

I also don’t want to count to line 61 to know what part induces the error, but on line 61 try ensuring the argument you pass is not nil.

Edit: please bother to at the very least, read this part again:

on line 61 try ensuring the argument you pass is not nil.

I don’t know what you’re doing but you can rectify your algorithm to ensure nil isn’t encountered and passed as an argument.

Line 61’s code is: local exp = math.floor(math.log(math.max(1, math.abs(value)),1000))
Ill take a look at those links