Gloss property for Reflectance

As Roblox now uses skyboxes for reflections, is it possible to implement a gloss property? Pretty much every modern game/rendering engine nowadays gives you the option to change the gloss property of the reflecting material. Gloss is responsible for smoothing up the reflectance of an object. For example, here is a GIF of a gloss parameter tweening from 0 to 1 and backwards:


As you can see, 0 and 1 are already a possibility on Roblox. However, it’s not possible to tween between these values which only results in either no reflectance, or very rough reflectance.

Will this be a feature in the future?


Here the reflections are based off of the environment. In roblox’s Reflectance it’s based off of the skybox. I think it would be weird to see a super shiny skybox reflected off of objects.

Of course I’d love for them to do proper reflectance sooooo…

The reflections here are not based off environment. They are fully image-based off a cubemap, which is exactly why I think it’s possible in Roblox.

This seems important. Roblox is very dynamic. It’s one of their selling points. I think this is another case where we won’t get a feature simply because it’d perform terrible on mobile.

I don’t think that would be the problem. Roblox uses the skybox variant of cubemapping which consists out of (low quality because Roblox still doesn’t support high-res images) pre-rendered textures only. The textures of the skybox don’t change unless you choose to change the skybox. Changing the skybox is already possible with the current reflections based off them and this doesn’t seem to cause any problems.

If it would be a problem, they could eventually turn it off for mobile.

I’m all for it reguardless. I’d love that as well as neon strength. Those two features would let us do SO much more with roblox visually.

Roblox is really behind on the graphics compared to like, every equally large game company out there. They should hire some more engies so we can do mapping and stuff >3>

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Technically it’s more appropriately termed “diffusion”. I’m all down for this idea, but unfortunately it’s very costly on rendering. ROBLOX especially being an un-robust engine wouldn’t be able to handle it. They did manage to make water reflections, how I am totally not sure, so I guess it’s possible if not extremely limited.

EDIT: I’m talking more along the lines of “mirrors”, i’m very unsure of the possibility of making current reflections diffusive. It would require global Shading at the very least.

The water reflections are actually pretty cheap.
They just flip the frame that was already rendered, distort it a bit, and present it as water.

I’m really down for this tbh

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