Gods' Domain - Public Update Log 1.11.0

Previous Update (1.10.0) · Next Update (1.12.0)

New features

  • You now respawn with max mana
  • Changed lantern VFX
  • Changed ambiance VFX
  • Changed sun position in the sky
  • Better client-server responsiveness

Fixed bugs

  • Being able to turn head while dead
  • Respawning far away causes you to fall through floor at spawn
  • Fall damage breaking
  • Minor blaze being aimed slightly lower than the mouse’s location
  • Binate glimmer breaks when getting hit by a spell
  • Internal memory leak
  • Can still jump when using a spell
  • Running and spam-swapping or sam equipping will mess up the running animation a little
  • Using spell does not allow using other spells until re-equipped
  • Being able to respawn with +2 more weapons
  • Weapon SFX not playing
  • Hitbox inaccuracies
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