Gods' Domain - Public Update Log 1.2.0

Gods’ Domain, Update 1.2.0

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Symbols meaning

[*] - Bug fix
[+] - New feature
[-] - Removed feature
[\] - Comment

[+] Completely rewritten PlayerHandler script
[+] Custom States for better code architecture & overall design
[+] Completely rewritten spell system
[+] Spell FX is now fully handled on client - only hitboxes are handled on server
[+] Dynamic, time-dependent bloom effect
[+] [OST] Streets of Evindel
[+] Ambience-audio mute button (does not save for now)
[+] Raised jump height
[+] Updated map:

  • [+] (WIP) Harbor area
  • [+] (WIP) Agricultural area
  • [+] (WIP) Residential area
  • [+] (WIP) Roads
  • [+] (WIP) Bigger and more detailed terrain

[+] Day and-nighttime is now not linear; day is roughly 75% and night is 25%.
[+] Greatsword hitbox now has a delay
[+] Random time of day upon server start
[+] Comply with right-to-erasure GDPR for data

[*] Melee hitbox accuracy
[*] Ragdoll teleport
[*] Invisible object in house with collision
[*] Dying with spell equipped allows you to cast it upon respawn
[*] You can now equip items in water
[*] Minor Blaze properly travels towards mouse direction
[*] Inventory UI Text is brighter for readability
[*] Lowered fog in Tundra

[\] Ocean is disabled because of a Roblox engine bug.
[\] Spells like glimmer and ice shard have NOT been re-implemented yet, but it’s relatively easy for me to do so. I will push updates later to add them back in accordingly.

…And so, so much more internally that I can’t speak about, as it’s too technical and is not fitting for this post. Just know that a lot has been going on behind the scenes, and this is just the start! We have finally begun work on game mechanics, and will be considering how to implement classes, paths, spells etc. Stay tuned, and thank you for all the support!

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