Gods' Domain - Public Update Log 1.5.0

Gods’ Domain, Update 1.5.0

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Symbols meaning

[*] - Bug fix / other
[+] - New feature
[-] - Removed feature
[\] - Comment

please let me know if you receive any false-rubberbands for these!:

  • [+] Much stricter & accurate speed anticheat
  • [+] Noclip anticheat
  • [+] Jump-power anticheat

[+] We now have another builder on our team! They will be finishing the town as part of my commission with them.
[+] Tundra ambiance
[+] If a weapon is put into the backpack from the inventory, the weapon is now unequipped from the character
[+] Your weapons emit a weapon SFX when running
[+] You no longer lose spells upon death, as they are not physical items
[+] Raised ocean resolution
[+] Changed ocean color
[+] Better music tweeting when re-entering regions quickly
[+] Spells now have a lifetime - I.e., Minor Blaze does not just travel infinitely anymore
[+] Added rubble FX for Minor Blaze
[+] SpellInformation module now uses a similar data architecture as WeaponInformation module
[+] Ocean waves are calmer near the port

[*] Falling off a ledge while running makes you plug walk
[*] Ragdoll falls on the ground better on death
[*] Resetting sometimes causes you to stand still while dead forever
[*] Head bangs against things and makes it hard to jump over things or climb
[*] Pointing camera at certain angles makes you unable to climb
[*] Casting a spell causes others to use the casting animation also
[*] Damage from punches was done every other hit
[*] Stun animation does not trigger if already stunned
[*] Greatsword can damage on the wind up
[*] Client does not take into account for weapon recovery times
[*] Trying to fire blaze near the torso will make it cancel
[*] Climbing on corners makes the player shake
[*] Inventory highlight should now be instant (there’s still an anti-spam limit, though!)
[*] Moving inventory slot into backpack, then into inventory, then into backpack again errors