Gods' Domain - Public Update Log 1.6.0

Gods’ Domain, Update 1.6.0

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Symbols meaning

[*] - Bug fix / other
[+] - New feature
[-] - Removed feature
[\] - Comment

[+] Raised ocean update speed for less choppiness
[+] SpellInformation now has the same data structure as WeaponInformation
[+] Debug commands now work with any casing. Also added more aliases for commands
[+] Client requests for inventory & backpack data instead of server sending it upon spawn
[+] The punching dummy at spawn now has infinite HP
[+] Hitboxes are now more memory performant
[+] Rewrote typer writer module for performance. It now uses a pool to cache TextLabel objects
[+] Rewritten server state system

[*] Walk animation abruptly stops with default idling animation
[*] Too much knockback upon reset
[*] damaging person only shows FX to the person who hit
[*] Backpack character becomes limbless on death
[*] Climbing very close to the ground causes you unable to go back up
[*] Jumping while running cancels jumping animation prematurely
[*] Pressing jump button whilst jumping resets jumping animation
[*] Unable to hear ambiance upon reset
[*] Sprinting has weapon SFX upon respawn
[*] Resetting then spam-climbing sometimes causes sprint to not update walkspeed [UNABLE TO REPRODUCE]
[*] Can’t climb after resetting
[*] Climbing after going into GettingUp state breaks running until you climb again
[*] Weapon hitbox inaccuracies [still looking into it]
[*] Walking animation is delayed after greatsword M1
[*] Taking fall damage after resetting decouples camera from character [ENGINE BUG]
[*] Health is not set to 0 when resetting
[*] Backpack breaks upon respawn
[*] Inventory errors upon reset
[*] Server now makes sure to check if player is dead when attacking
[*] Spells couldn’t damage
[*] Debug commands errored
[*] Combo cooldown does not take into account for cooldown for different attack type or weapon
[*] Moving weapon in and out of backpack twice causes UI error
[*] running makes weapon run SFX when the weapons aren’t equipped
[*] Jumping as you hit the ground disables run and breaks animations
[*] Unable to climb at a specific camera angle
[*] Resetting while Evindel theme plays causes it to stack for a moment
[*] You lose spells if you put them in your backpack & die
[*] Moving spell from backpack to inventory does not remove spell from backpack UI
[*] Errors when putting spells in or out of backpack
[*] Resetting also caused others to reset (oops…)
[*] Inventory slot drag is now more intuitive and less buggy
[*] Noclip anticheat