Gojna's Animation Library

Hey! this is my first ever public module so i would love to get your guys feedbacks on this module!

Why would i use this module:

  • It has a saving system that can save the added animations for later use. and it won’t stack up the same animation (it mostly overwrites it if the new anim has the same category and name)
  • You can make more orginazed list for animations (for example Combat_Category: Punch,Kick… Movement_Category: Run, Jump…)
  • Connects with the main track
  • Use the same animation from different scripts without reloading for each script
  • Many many other things that can speed up your progress and help you optimize your game!!




  • Adding Animations To Library.
  • Playing Animations From Library.
  • Stopping Animations From Library.


  • Public Connection
  • Overwrite The Old Category/Animation



  • Editing the sended animation track. (kinda useless bc you can access to the animation track anyway)


  • More customization from funactions
  • Revisit the module



  • Destroying animation from library
  • Checking which character playing which animation(s)


  • After removing an animation if there is no animation left in the category then it removes the category.
  • See all the character names, playing animations n more in the new table called “ActiveAnimations”



  • Style Changes (Works With The Old Versions)
  • Animation Blending
  • Listening For The Animation Events


  • Cleanup Listeners
  • DebugMode
  • Removed (Quick Tutorial At The Start Of The Module, Example Script Inside The Module)



  • Load All Category Animations
  • Removed the preset part at the end of the module and turned that into a client sided script that can be putted inside the startergui.


  • R6 and r15 Support For Loading
  • Sorry For The Small Update (im out of ideas)



  • This Funaction Spawns A Dummy With The Given Rig To Load All The Category Animations. (its usefull for loading screens, don’t use it mid game tho nobody likes lag spikes :yum: )
  • After All The Animations Are Loaded, It Returns True.
  • If There Was An Error It Will Return False.

Animation Status Check Functions

  • This function returns all the animations that are currently playing or active in a table format.
  • It connects the category name and animation name with a “_”

  • Instead of using “CheckPlayingAnimationsForPlayer” to check a single animation, use this function.
  • It returns the ‘IsPlaying’ status of the animation without any additional effort.

  • This function is somewhat useless since you can access the full AnimationTrack while it is playing.
  • Speed and loop settings can be modified.

Animation Event Listeners Management

  • As The Name Suggest It Listens For Keyframes.

  • It Cleans Up All The Listeners For The Given Animation.


AnimTrack Access

Preset Animations

Player Playing Animation (OLD) -- There is a full funaction for that now

Here is the Module. I hope it help on your guys projects!

If you guys have any question feel free to ask me!


I’ll be sure to check out this module. Seems very useful.


Thanks i would love to hear your feedbacks on the module!

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It’s very nice! Was a little bit hard to use honestly
There is one problem but it’s on my side, I use ikr6 constantly on the character and sometimes when it’s about to switch between animations. It will shortstop and twitch the arm upwards.
You can see for yourself.

Not sure why this is but I do know it’s because of ikr6


I can check if there is any incompatibility problems with ik stuff!

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well i did check the game out but i didn’t see any problems, maybe there is an issue with the ik or another script that connects with the arms/body (the error you just explained can be caused by a miss raycast or miss param for the blacklist)

oh and here is a few things you can improve your game with:

  • I assume that you move the camera to the head with a repeate or while. (or even a runservice) you can use the playermodule to instead of locking to humanoidrootpart you can choose head. That can help you fix your camerashake glitch!
  • If you used smartbones for the hair you need to make the bones a bit more relax so they don’t shake a lot
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if you guys find any glitches please report it to me because i can forget to update the module.

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idk if i can because i use the velocity of hrp to make a velocity based offset

ill try that for smartbones

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Idk if this is a glitch but it won’t register correctly on a global replication module.

What I’m doing is using a global function to replicate my loaded animations, then putting them into a module in my humanoid. It stored all the preloaded animations that are also in the library. Afterwards I use that to communicate when I need to retrieve one of them and call a server event to replicate the loaded modules into the clients perspective and avoid loading it into the server.

Side note: I figured out why the ikr6 was creating that glitch it’s actually just because I set the velocity to high, lol!

Got banned from Roblox for some random audio and they didn’t even elaborate (as usual) for a year as well so all my work is 100% gone! Thanks for your module though

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im really sorry for your account, roblox kinda gets weird sometimes.
one time i got term on my 2012 account bc of an audio i made like 8 years ago lol

(i made a small mistake with the module btw server loaders only work on server and client loaders only work on client animation players so i fix that after doing this update)

:skull:the reason they banned me is because of an audio that I used in a private game :skull::skull::skull:
Roblox moderation will forever be the worst moderation in existence

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