Custom Force/Velocity

Hey! i realise that a lot of games struggle with making knockback, dash n more movement releated stuff. so i wanted to make this module to help you guys speed up progress and make your games way more smoother with easy controls!

V1 Release


  • Create New Force
  • Update Force
  • Activate (true/false)
  • Destroy


  • CFrame
  • Rayacst
V1.1 Release


  • GetKey
  • UpdateKey
  • UpdateSettings
  • BlacklistPlayer
  • Revisitted the script


  • Tween (W.I.P)
  • SmartTween (W.I.P)
Test Places

Supported With The Latest Version:

Here is the Module. I hope it help on your guys projects!

  • This module is made under a few hours so there are a few bugs that i will be fixing so no worries!
  • Go check out my Animation Library.!

Hey man I really wanna try this module out but it says that i cant access it for some reason ? Is it off sale or something?

im so sorry about that i was so tired yesterday i forget to publish it

can you make a video showcasing it?, it looks cool, but i don’t kinda get what it does

i can make a testplace instead

please do that, that would be so helpful!