Good block sets to build with?

I’m new to building but I’m having fun learning.
But I would like to have more textures/materials to create with but the library is filled with dupes or very old block sets.
It’s hard to find what I’m looking for even with filtering to “Most Favorited” or “Bestselling”. Do you guys have any links you could share with me?

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This is an excellent one

Well, are those copyright or something? And do we have to upload them to Roblox to use them?

It says free download’s in the description image

go to toolbox and search gavinpgamer6199. He makes really good low poly packs, you don’t even need to give credit if you use them

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@Dolphin_Worm I don’t think it is a good idea because if you work with a development studio they usually want original things(original builds,models,textures,etc.) and they would probably kick you for using things from the toolbox.


I’m just simply giving good building materials I know, I’m not saying you have to use them. :slightly_smiling_face:


They really look awesome! Thank you!
It’s pretty easy to make the parts line up.

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If you find textures that you like or aren’t the ones that look appealing to you, i would consider attempt to create your own if you cant find the ones your looking for whether in toolbox - or texture sites:

If you’re just looking for certain textures used on actual buildings (real life) or implemented inside showcases there are there are thousands of resources available in the toolbox and useful sites you’ll need to see if they’re useable to be used.

You could always search ‘texture pack’ in the toolbox you’ll find some useful textures and see whatever suits your liking but you’ll be better off finding other textures to make your builds more immersive or whatever approach your going for. There’s a few textures sites that could possibly provide you what your looking for. If you cant find textures in the toolbox there are sites that could be used to gather a few textures from.