GPS System with Minimap to show visuals (Remade)

Hi Scripters, Modelers, Advanced Coders and Ui Designers.
I am coolcostupit and I made a Gps system to show visuals . It took me very long to work on the pathfinding algorythm itself. Here I will showcase you alot of stuff and how I did manage to get this to work.

My requirements:

  • A very advanced PathFinding Algorythm (I made a A-Star algorythm)
    The algorythm was based on C++ a* Algorythm
  • A Node Creator Plugin: Plugin showcase
    2023-02-20 13-31-40
  • A Node grid generator to make visual connections look much better: The topic and sourcecode for the grid generator
  • Advanced camera system (Took me 4 days to make)
  • Advanced content streaming in connection with the roblox streaming api
  • Learned math, raycasting, table usage, advanced variable trading and alot of more stuff.

What I am using it for:

  • Path Gen:
    Traffic AI (Yet there are only prototypes), Police AI, Train AI, Bus and Taxi Ai (Coming Soon) and Pedestrian’s (Coming Soon)

GPS System

Showcase of the system:

1 Fast Showcase of how it looks like:
Showcase Video

2 Complete Showcase of what it does while driving on when reaching the goal:
Complete Showcase Video

3 Mission Showcase Video:
Supplier job showcase

Traffic Ai (Prototype)

Now to the Traffic Ai (Prototype):
How does it work:

  • Traffic Vehicles gets spawned into random node positions, those node positions gets checked if there is a traffic ai in their way, before a traffic vehicle gets spawned or deleted , the client checks if the player does NOT see its spawn node so it will look like the traffic vehicle has always been there.

How does the traffic drive?
Well the traffic drives based on robloxs physics, not on Tweening, Cframes, or positions. It drives like any other player . It can detect obstacles in real time, repair their path in exactly 0.7 Seconds, stops when a player is in their way and is able to go reverse whenever it needs to.

Showcase Video (Recorded on the PlaceHolder game for my game):
Default Mode: (As you can see its still kinda glitchy but it works)
Traffic Ai Showcase

Debug Mode: (So I can show you how its path looks like and what action it is about to do, or why it is doing that action)
Debug Mode Showcase Video

Traffic Eyes:

Final Informations

Please let this go viral, I spen so much time on making those algorythms and maybe I will upload the source code in a few months (depending on my incomes).

If you would like to see all of those things with your own eyes then play this game:
Drive Along (The Canyon TEASER (Beta)) - Roblox


Holy moly! How did no one replied to this masterpiece?

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I think it will be better to move the minimap to the top because it would we hard for mobile players to move the car. (Because of the big UI)

yes I am also working on that, yet my game has no mobile support but soon it will.

dunno maybe no one is into that nowadays :frowning:

are you still working on this game cuz it looks nice

glad that you asked, not really, I am currently working on another game for a popular youtuber. I will continue developing the game once I have enough budged for it.

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