GPS System with Minimap to show visuals

Recently, I started working on a game for my Studio with a couple of great developers, OnlyRoids &

To push the limits of Roblox further with this game, I made this GPS System which visualizes the way on a minimap, and thought it’d be cool to share it!

Features that are coming soon:

  • NPC AI
  • AI Cars With Traffic Control
  • AI Police (Neural Networks)

If you’d like to see more stuff implemented into the game, feel free to reply!

Let’s power our imagination :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That is really cool! Good work.


Thank you so much, it was fun making it!!!

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ive always wanted to do this but im not really good with stuff like that

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One question I have is. Does the tracking/gps work yet while its minimized? Or is it still in the works.


Yeah it works. Here’s a gif.

With will and determination everything becomes easier

This is amazing! Does It get the humanoidrootparts position then calculate a path? If so, how is the ui adjusting?

Yes, the GPS data is collected based on the HRP position, then the lines are drawn.

You can draw anything on screen from world 3d positions, you can use “WorldToScreenPoint” and with some math you can draw on UI.

Honestly the coolest thing I’ve seen today, keep up the great work! :+1:

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Woah, that is really well made.

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Great things are coming we are pushing some new limits! I’m glad I get to work with Andi and Kona

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Great job man! Ya really pushed roblox to it’s limits, this is epic :smiley:

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Will you make a open source of the gps?


Holy cow! Now i’d gotta say. This looks like it was very hard to make! I tip my hat to you for making this!

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Wow, this is exactly what i need for my game…

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I probably might make a youtube video tutorial


It took some time, but anything is possible am i right?

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This definitely looks solid, but I think it may look nicer if the blue path was thinner

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